C3 米穀膨化機 Grains Extruder Machine



主要特色 Functions and Features​

The machine can use 100% brown rice, rice and corn as raw materials to replace the traditional high-risk or oil fried equipment and process, finished product is crispy and delicious, can be a staple food for infants and young children , Shape can cut into strips and diced, the length can be adjusted, quickly and efficiently produce extruded cereals cookie production equipment, high stability design, production system to meet the demand for a long time,automatic Man-Machine Interface,highly production(kernels 50 Kg/Hr).                 ​

產品功能 Product production

(1)Machine can produce cookie of grains, seafood and creative flavors.  
(2)Suit for mass and fast production(50Kg/hr above), Cut down production cost sharply.    
(3) Durable and compact construction satisfy long time operation requirement.  
(4)Machine case use food service grade 304 stainless steel materials.
(5)Operater easy to learn,product with highly steadability.   
(6)Provides customization for: Corn,Brown rice, Sesame, black rice   Job’s tears and more.    
(7)Provide customize ingredients, flavors and OEM service.


尺寸 Dimension 90(W/寬) X 98.8(D/深)X 160(H/高) cm
電壓 Voltage 220V 三相
功率 Power 16500W
產能 Production 50公斤kg/小時(Hour) 實際依產品形狀及材料而定
重量 Weight 430 kg
米果尺寸 Biscuit size 切刀可自行調整 Adjustable